Biophilic design for schools and education

Health and wellbeing are important for everyone, but it is especially vital in the educational sector. We all know that a lot of children do not have the best hygiene habits. Bunch them all together in one environment, and you have a space that is simply asking for illnesses and viruses. The good thing is that children are resilient. However, the impetus is on us to make sure that children have a motivating, productive, and healthy environment that can give them the best chance of success. This is what our biophilic design service achieves.


Improve wellbeing, increase productivity
and create a relaxed environment


of students say they
are more productive


increase in air quality with
plants in the environment


of people would prefer
to be in green spaces

Boost productivity, motivation, and happiness amongst children

There are many benefits associated with biophilic design services. Our approach will create an environment that is perfect for students. Reconnecting with nature makes people feel happier and positive, which is just the environment you want to create in any school, especially when there are a lot of children that feel nervous about going to school every day. Plus, biophilic design helps to inspire students and make them feel more motivated and productive. This is the sort of environment that will ensure that your students are able to do their best work and achieve the highest possible grades. After all, we all know that a calming yet energising environment is best for anyone when studying, learning, or taking exams.


Lower your carbon footprint

The benefits keep on coming, as biophilic design can help to reduce your carbon footprint. All organisations today need to do their bit for the planet, and schools are no different. Parents want their children to attend schools, universities, and colleges that care about the planet. Not only is this important in terms of attracting new pupils to your school but it also plays a vital role in terms of staff retention levels and attracting the best teachers to your establishment.

What to expect from our biophilic design service

Here at Biophilic Design, we lead the way when it comes to creating inspiring and impactful biophilic design spaces that help you to reconnect with nature and achieve your goals. We can provide sustainable materials advice, as well as offering air purification to make the environment cleaner for children and help them to capitalise on the many benefits that plants bring to people. We can also design your outdoor environment as well, ensuring you have a low carbon footprint at your educational institution and creating a safe, energising, and healthy environment for your students and your members of staff.

If you have any questions about our biophilic design service for schools and education organisations, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today for more information. No matter how big or small your question may be, we will be more than happy to assist you in any manner we can.

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