Biophilic design for health clinics, gyms, and wellness rooms

The health and wellness industry is thriving at the moment. In order to stand out from the competition and provide your customers with the sort of comfort they deserve, biophilic design is a necessity. Our biophilic design service will connect your wellness business with the natural world around us, bringing all of the physical and psychological benefits that nature brings. This results in a healthy, happy, and uplifting environment, which can help to ease nervous patients as well as helping people to be motivated and enthused to achieve their goals. Read on to discover more about all of the benefits biophilic design brings to health clinics, wellness rooms, and gyms.


Improve wellbeing, increase productivity
and create a relaxed environment


of people say they
are more relaxed


increase in air quality with
plants in the environment


of people would prefer
to be in green spaces

Create a comfortable and healthy environment

The health and wellness sector covers a fast range of businesses. If you run a health clinic, you want people to feel positive, happy, and at ease. If you run a gym, you want people to feel inspired and motivated. The good news is that biophilic design can help to put all of your customers in the right frame of mind. After all, it is proven that directly connecting with nature enables us to be happier and more productive. Not only will this have a positive impact on your customers but it will have a beneficial effect on your employees too. This means fewer sick days while also increasing staff retention levels. What’s not to love?


Showcase your company’s green credentials

Aside from the benefits that we have discussed so far, biophilic design will also help to boost your business’ green credentials. It sends a powerful message about the ethics of your company. It shows that you care about your customers, your staff members, and the world around you. After all, not only does biophilic design look amazing and promote wellness within the workplace but it means that you are lowering your carbon footprint and reducing your environmental impact as well.

What to expect from our biophilic design service

Here at Biophilic Design, we can create healthy, happy, and inspiring biophilic health and wellness spaces. We offer a complete consultation and design service, covering all of the different elements of biophilic design. This includes planting plans, ventilation, natural lighting, sustainable materials, and much more. You can rest assured that our service is a lot more than simply dotting a few plants around the reception area. Instead, we create fully-fledged biophilic spaces that create a comforting and uplifting environment for all of your customers.

If you have any questions about our biophilic design service for health clinics, gyms, and wellness rooms, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today for more information. We have helped many companies in the health and wellness sector to take their business to the next level by bringing biophilic design into their space. Why not let us use our expertise to transform your space for the better?

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