Biophilic design for offices and workplaces

We live in a day and age that is incredibly demanding. Employees feel under a lot of stress and strain. Workdays are getting longer. Commutes are lengthy and stressful. At the same time, you have got to run a business, and you have all of the pressures of this on your shoulders. This constant cycle that we live in is taking us further away from nature and the physical and emotional benefits that it brings. By bringing this back into your workplace and enabling all of your workers to reconnect with nature, you can experience many benefits. This is something we can help you to achieve.


Improve staff wellbeing, increase productivity
and create a relaxed working environment


of workers say they
are more productive


increase in air quality
with plants in the office


of people would prefer
to work in green spaces

Increase productivity, wellness, and happiness in the workplace

Your employees will certainly thank you for investing in our biophilic design service. This will help to create an environment that is healthy, positive, and productive. Plants will increase the air quality, whereas natural light will boost wellness. All of the biophilic elements we include are carefully implemented to ensure the best possible results. Your workers will feel inspired, creative, and ready to do their very best work. Plus, as biophilic design increases wellness, you can expect fewer sick days, which is another way that biophilia helps to increase business productivity effectively.


Boost your business’ green credentials

All businesses have a responsibility to do their bit for the planet today. A biophilic design service can help you to achieve this. You can lower your carbon footprint and boost the energy efficiency of your work environment. Plus, you send a powerful brand message. You show everyone that you are a professional and thoughtful business that cares about your employees and the world around you. This is the sort of company that people are going to want to associate with and purchase from, so it can work wonders from a branding perspective as well. Not only does this attract customers but future talent as well.

What to expect from our biophilic design service

When a lot of companies mention biophilic spaces, they are simply referring to adding a few plants to your office. Yes, plants play an important role in biophilic design, but it is about so much more than this. From ventilation to natural light, we make sure that every element is carefully considered to design the most inspired and beneficial space.

We will consult with you on various sustainable material alternatives that can be used in your offices, and how you can implement them effectively within your space. We offer a complete design service, with planting plans provided as well. We can help you with this for either new development projects or existing spaces.

If you have any questions about our biophilic design service for offices and workplaces, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today for more information. We will happily answer any question, big or small, as well as providing you with a free quote for our services.

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