Live healthier.

Sleep better.

Breath easier.

The briiv Air Filter is a unique innovation of which every part is methodically designed to be as sustainable as possible. The unit itself is made of bio-plastics derived from elephant grass and the filters themselves are 100% recyclable and bio-degradable. Cleaner air means fewer impurities in home and office environments which have been proven to promote blood circulation, brain activity and muscle performance.

Feel the benefits for only £299.99

Why choose Briiv?

Smartphone Compatible

90% Natural

Smart Speaker Compatible

Multiple Speed Mode

Low Energy USB 5v

100% Biodegradable Filters

1 briiv = 3,043 house plants!

We have taken nature and given it a boost, briiv is as powerful as 3,043 medium size houseplants. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of having plants in your home without the hassle. Briiv can be used in your home or office environment to filter air and create clean, safe air so you can breath as nature intended.

Creating healthier, happier environments

The briiv Air Filter cleans the air you breath. Harmful particles are released every time you cook, use cleaning products and play with your pets, brivv removes these so you can enjoy life to its fullest. Good air quality means better sleep, higher energy levels and improved cognitive function.

Zero plastic waste, 100% plant friendly

briiv Air Filter is better for the environment. We designed and created a unique, innovative system which utilises a powerful four-stage “quad-core” filter process – using 100% biodegradable and natural materials which can be composted at the end of their usable life. briiv is the most sustainable filter ever.

Google & Alexa Integration

Award winning technology

Interested in improving your quality of life?

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